It happens around every major election.

It happens on both sides of the aisle.

People start tossing around that threat: “If (fill in the blank) gets elected, I’m moving to Canada.”

But there’s another phrase we could try on for size:

How about you STAY?

How about you STAY for the friend of yours who made that stupid choice years ago and now has a mark on her record which means she can’t vote for far too long? STAY for her.

How about you STAY for the neighbor of yours who doesn’t have the privileged luxury of plunking down a credit card for a plane ticket to anywhere? STAY for him.

How about you STAY for the cousin who is caretaker to her aging parent and has to decide which medicine she can afford to buy that month? STAY for her.

How about you STAY for the child stuck in the system for whom a tiny, moldy dorm room on any college campus is a dream too beautiful to dare hope for? STAY for her.

How about we all decide that we will not hide out in our dark living rooms,  armchair-quarterbacking a one-dimensional world on our flat screens?

How about we all decide that, in the end, it’s not a choice between Red or Blue? It is black and white and every shade of the rainbow. It is all of us choosing to STAY because we are privileged enough to even have that choice, and there are thousands upon thousands who aren’t.

STAY for your neighbor, your veteran, your school, your community. STAY because the moments in life when we want to leave are the exact moments when our tenacity is most tested. STAY because you finally understand that the first step in making this country the way you long for it to be is not actually a step. It’s a rooted, committed, unwavering stand.