About Me


C.S. Lewis once wrote, "Beware of biographies appearing on blogs. Much that is on the Internet is half-true, or at best selectively written."

I can tell you that I've lived in Guatemala and Florida and currently make my home in Virginia, but that won't capture the smell of woodsmoke hovering over Guatemalan villages at dawn, or the peculiar mixture of pride and shame I feel when I drive past 18 historical markers on my way to buy groceries.

I can tell you that I have homeschooled my three children, but the image this conjures in your mind probably isn't anywhere close to our reality.

I am a Southern girl, a former missionary, a teacher of children (mine and other people's), a pianist, and someone who would have a really hard time choosing between coffee, books, and a day in Paris. My preference would be coffee and books DURING a day in Paris. 

But that still leaves out a lot.

This site is where I can explore the world, share the between-the-lines truths of my story, and learn from the stories that surround me.