Top Ten Reasons We Know The (Home)School Year Is Almost Over Already


10. Our once organized-by-subject bookshelves bear no resemblance to their former selves. Our new filing system is much more technical. We like to call it, “Let’s Hope We Can Find The Spelling Book Today.”
9. We do not dare plumb the dark, murky depths of our backpacks. And let the record show that, as homeschoolers, we only use them once a week, so we have less than zero excuses. But hey, in a pinch, we could conduct a science experiment out of them.
8. Having clean socks every day is overrated. I’m not naming names.
7. September looks like this: Everyone is up, dressed, teeth brushed and chores finished by 8:30. May looks like this: Everyone is up. Clothing? Eh. Let’s call it “Pajama Day.” And hey. It’s 8:30. Ish.
6. There are no longer any functioning pencils in the house. Let’s just look at it as a math problem: 1 pencil with lead plus 1 pencil with an eraser equals 1 complete pencil. Algebra complete.
5. Freshly baked, Paleo, warm-out-of-the-oven muffins? Those are soooo last fall. I hear “Choose Your Own Breakfast Adventure” is what all the kids are doing these days.
4. “Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.” Someone once said those were the only subjects that really matter. Please tell me that “someone” was right. Please???
3. We have calculated all of the snow days that we haven’t taken as homeschoolers, and using a very specific, very technical formula, we have come to the conclusion that our school year should be finished about…..NOW.
2. Observing your own paper cut under the microscope counts as a science lab.
1. We’re laughing a lot more than we did in September. And we’re more relaxed. And that’s a good thing. And somehow….we still might finish that science book, and that math book, and that grammar book. And we’re still going to love each other at the end of it. So I’d call School Year 2017-2018 a success in my book. If only I could find it.